“Once there were four children whose names were Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy”...


So begins ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’, the first of C S Lewis’ “Chronicles of Narnia” – seven books about the wondrous Narnia and its inhabitants, the most remarkable of which are the Talking Beasts, and Aslan, the Lion. Adventures happen, and time passes, though differently to our world. And finally there’s “The Last Battle” in which old Narnia ends, and Aslan creates the Real Narnia, and the four children pass into it to live for eternity in happiness.


Except they don’t – because one of them, Susan, isn’t allowed.


And so we come to what has become generically known as ‘the problem of Susan’. What had she done, to be so punished, separated and left behind?


This is a story about what might have happened to her after her entire family was killed in THAT train crash … there are, of course, many other possibilities…


When she first went through the wardrobe, Susan was 12. Now it’s 1967, and Susan is 39…


A one-woman telling of what happens to Susan from the "Narnia Chronicles" after all her family are killed in THAT train crash. Tapping into the love for the books, films and TV series this is a quirky story for adults based on an entire debate (of which J.K.Rowling is part) about WHY one of the children is not included, rejected, in the final novel when Aslan creates the "new" Narnia for all to pass into.


Precise, atmospheric, physical theatre storytelling.