DUE TO COVID-19, plans have been cancelled or changed...


Now in 2022- we have the following:

Welcome to the updated section on the productions available for 2022. CoGR has some great reviews (example below) and four shows available:



Solo Male, comedy, 1 hour long.



Duo Male, A Play with Movement/Drama, 1 hr 10 mins

(Based on cult novel, "The Dice Man")



Duo Male. Spoofing the Great British Detective genre: Miss Marple meets Holmes and Watson, meets Poirot... 1 hr 15 PLUS interval



Two of Charles Dickens' ghost stories (with comic twist) solo show

Performed by Nicholas Collett plus 1 Tech on the road.

Duration - 70 MINS, plus interval


Over at gregbyron.co.uk there are details of Spoken Word availability!



All productions are suitable for small to mid scale touring and also for Rural Touring, where we now have genuine experience of setting up all equipment and have worked with several of the NRTF schemes, (most often via NEAT [North East Arts Touring] based in Scotland) of which we are an Associate Member.


We also have EXCELLENT reviews for all shows from various different countries and continents all reflecting the high production values and expertise that goes into creating the work.


(DO see the individual show's page here too...)





"I do believe I could just sit and watch Gavin Robertson just walk around a room all day.

The actor/playwright is a gifted physical performer, as theatergoers who have seen his previous performances know, but he’s also a formidable playwright -- especially when he allows himself to pursue philosophical questions to their logical conclusions.

“The Six-Sided Man,” his two-character play that can be as challenging as it is entertaining, is a dark, comic meditation on the nature of choice and the question of fate: Is it self-imposed or determined by an imperceptible external force?

Robertson performs the piece with the equally talented Nicholas Collett as part of the Invasion, which runs through Sunday at Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre. Using minimal props -- a desk, a couple of chairs, three door frames -- the actors deliver a showcase of economical acting. These are subtle, nuanced performances that waste no effort.

But Robertson and Collett are also exceptional physical actors. There’s quite a bit of superb movement in this show, but all of it remains subordinate to the story and the themes Robertson wrestles with. Restroom sinks, a copying machine, a cluttered kitchen and other locations are vividly portrayed, even though we “see” them only through our mind’s eye.


This is a unique work that virtually demands a second viewing. And let’s face it: There aren’t many plays you can say that about."


Kansas City Star (July 2015)




Do please note that none of the above rely on funding in order to tour. We are self-sustaining at present, and can supply full colour print in advance with relatively short get-in/get-out times on the day.

Please don't be afraid to email to initiate a discussion - not all performance venues are the same, and we can't answer every question here. We'll be happy to give more information as you require, whether artistic or technical.



Please use the contact form if you wish or email at gavin@gavinrobertson.com