Funded by Arts Council England


This was a show featuring originally composed music by Matthew Clifford ('Show of Hands' 'Rolling Stones' and Mick Jagger's co-writer on the album  'Sweet Thing') - really a movement and acting piece to a continual underscore, and featuring only one sentence spoken once in the whole show!


It also fused film projection, choreography and was truly experimental in its delivery.


The actress Rebecca Grant - prior to her 'Holby City' and 'Doctors' days - played opposite Kaitlin Howard. The latter played an angel with wonderful wings made by Visual Artist and sculptor Jane Churchill, and told the story of a marital break up by car accident, the downward spiral of the husband, the constant attention of his ghostly wife, and her own transition ... all about 'letting go'...


Cornelius McCarthy played 'The Husband'


The show was made in 2006 and was a direct result of creative discussions between myself, Cornelius and Rebecca during our shared time in 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' at The Garrick Theatre in London's West End with Christian Slater. Fab!



“ This dream of a play was such a refreshing experience – bursting with originality from the specially composed music soundtrack, to the vision of its Director. The acting was perfect and full of nuances, the style was dreamy and full of emotional hits – I wasn’t the only person in the auditorium sniffling into a handkerchief. Someone should make this into a movie! Rare, utterly engaging and brilliant!”

BBC Radio.