This was the first collaboration with Scene Productions - in 2009. With great reviews at that year's Edinburgh Festival, this led to the collaboration on 'Vampirates', and the third one- 'Fall of the House of Usher'.



Inspired by true stories, interviews and the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Calls Across the Wall.’


A wrong number, an unlikely connection. ‘The Other Side’ is a moving and powerful piece of devised theatre based on astonishing true accounts of reconciliation from the Middle East. A thriller, a visual jigsaw, blending superb acting, cinematic storytelling and a haunting soundtrack. We follow four families as they struggle to retain their humanity and equilibrium amongst the chaos of war. The space constantly shifts, turns and changes, from banter in a military truck to a bustling kitchen, to endless hospital corridors and the bitter chill of the morgue.


In the dead of night, a woman dials a wrong telephone number. For the first time in her life she finds herself talking to someone from THE OTHER SIDE.


‘Calls Across the Wall’ told the story of ‘Hello Peace’, a phone line which has facilitated nearly a million conversations between Israelis and Palestinians, and of ‘The Parents’ Circle’, a forum of bereaved families from both sides of the conflict who have rejected the path of hatred and revenge to reach out to each other.It began in November 2000 when a young Israeli woman, trying to phone a Jewish friend, dialled a wrong number and found herself speaking instead to a Palestinian in the Gaza Strip.


"This performance will move you to the edge of your seat, to feelings of guilt, and to tears".  AllThe


 "Provocative, intriguing and sensitively done"  Three Weeks


"The actors move with grace and discipline and imagined space is expertly created in classic theatrical style. Simon Nader plays Rami as well as three others, and performs his roles with depth and sensitivity, particularly his portrayal of eighteen year old David whom we see as he argues with his mother Natalia, and deciding to serve his country: What follows is a truly chilling moment".  FringeReview