Is That A Whip In Your Hand?


'Indiana Jones' meets ‘National Treasure’ meets ‘The Treasure of  The Sierra Madre’ meets ‘Lara Croft’…. you get the idea…


2024 has already seen Harrison Ford receive the Critics Choice Award for ‘Career Achievement’… for a lifelong contribution to film, and perhaps his greatest character creation (other than  Star Wars) - Indiana Jones.

It’s also the 40th anniversary of fortune hunting film ‘Romancing The Stone’ and the 20th anniversary of ‘National Treasure’, starring Nicholas Cage, both of which spawned sequels.


It’s time therefore for Gavin Robertson, in his follow-up to BOND- AN UNAUTHORISED PARODY, to spoof this genre of Treasure-seeking movies that have proved so popular with fans worldwide  -  Solo!


Featuring the usual mix of adventure, archaeology, tricky clues and action, Gavin Robertson brings his signature cartoon-style treatment to the stage, exploding every cliché in the book (or movies) with unique comic results!

Minimum staging, maximum effect.

Family-friendly, light-hearted, witty, inventive and well-observed.


Pictures by Peter Mould


Directed by Nicholas Collett