Funded by Arts Council England:


Co-produced by CoGR and Scene Productions (their second collaboaration) this was based on the cult series of childrens' books by Justin Somper.


It toured the UK in 2011 to great acclaim, and featured three large sea-chests, three actors and fantastic lighting!




The year is 2505. the oceans have risen. A new era of piracy is dawning.

After twins Grace and Connor Tempest are evicted from their lighthouse home, a vicious storm separates them, destroying their boat and leaving them fighting for their lives in the freezing sea.


Rescued by a notorious pirate ship, Connor finds new friends and a new life – but does he really want to be a Pirate?

Grace finds herself on board a more mysterious ship whose crew she sees only at night. Locked in her cabin she struggles to discover more about the enigmatic Captain and her own fate …

Can the twins survive life on board- and find their way back – to each other!?


This engaging and mysterious adventure is told by a cast of three, in a lyrical, physical style, and lasts approximately one hour with no interval, and a swashbuckling Original soundtrack by Danny Bright.


Written and Directed by Gavin Robertson, it is both funny and epic, atmospheric and engaging!


“I’ll sing you a tale of Vampirates, a tale as old as true

I’ll sing you a song of an ancient ship, and it’s mighty fearsome crew!

David Sayers in Vampirates