The FOURTH solo performance from Nicholas Collett - Directed by Gavin Robertson.



METTLE is a true story.

It is a celebration of a man and his wartime service on one of the most infamous Atlantic convoys of World War Two.

It is also an observation of a past generation who, although quietly wrestling with their demons, remained silent about their service for many years.

From his childhood in Sheffield in the 1960’s, through to the present day, award-winning solo performer Nicholas Collett (“Spitfire Solo”, “Nelson – The Sailor’s Story”, “Your Bard”) takes us on an epic journey, retracing his father’s steps, from Liverpool to the USA and back, via Sierra Leone and Nova Scotia, reliving the utter terror of U-boat attacks, the storm-tossed ocean, along with the lighter moments of serving aboard a wartime destroyer – including a close encounter with Glenn Miller – in a captivating and physical solo performance.

A tale of love and loss, both moving and funny, above all life-affirming and a paean to those we miss most.

With support from the Daparian Foundation  and the V&W Destroyers Association

Touring from September 2024.