Frankenstein - The 3D Podcast!

Commissioned by The REP Theater in Seaside, Florida in 2023, I and Nicholas Collett, along with their Artistic Director, Brook Stetler, wrote, devised and performed this together.


In January 2023, we were again in Florida as recipients of 'Escape To Create''s Residency award for the month.

In that time we adapted the original novel by Mary Shelley, anmd presented a Lecture/Demonstration (like a TED talk) to an audience in the theatre, covering some extracts from our script, along with explaining our work processes and inspiration.


We then returned to the UK to resume touring.


Fast-forward to mid-September 2023, and we're back in Seaside, adding a flurry of more comic touches ready for the premiere in early October... effectively the show is a Radio play for the Theatre!