Written and performed by Nicholas Collett
Additional material by William Shakespeare

Directed by Gavin Robertson


This is the SECOND solo show Gavin has Directed for Nicholas Collett. The result of their shared exoerience in Florida USA via a grant from ESCAPE TO CREATE, based in Seaside, Florida.


Most recently performed in Orlando, and Seaside, Florida, USA in 2023


Will Shakespeare defends his reputation as the legitimate author of all those plays!
Come and meet the man himself and take the lid off a legend in your local. He’ll tell you all about his family, what it’s like on tour and the glory days at the Globe.  Queen Elizabeth I, Christopher Marlowe and Ned Alleyn – you’ll meet them too.  Intermingled with a few of his greatest hits - and maybe a sonnet or a song.

There’s no fourth wall here – we’re all in this together!!

Ladies and gentlemen raise your glasses – Your Bard!



"Collett has succeeded in humanising Shakespeare, a figure so often thickly shrouded in awe and unreachable creative genius. On Collett’s stage, William Shakespeare has truly become “our” bard, the bard of the people and a bard among people – all thanks to our modern playwright’s at times comical, at times deep and moving, but always original and fond rendition of him. His very personal interpretation of the Bard reminds us, in Macbeth’s words, how everyone is fated to be forgotten… “unless you are William bloody Shakespeare,” of course".


Nouse Mag



"You’ve probably never envisioned the person of Shakespeare quite like this. The charismatic Collett commands the room in a truly intimate, funny and energetic performance that wraps us up in Shakespeare’s life and person....go!"


Pitch Mag (Kansas City USA)