promo for 'BOND' by Jethro Compton
Photo: Ian Parsons "I AM WHO AM I" with Joanna Rosenfeld, Tristan SHarps (now AD of dreamthinkspeak, and Paul Hamilton
"12 Angry Men" - Adelaide 2004
A Space Oddity (Photo: Ian Parsons)


Rob Thirtle, Andrew Dawson, Gavin Robertson ( l to r)

The Three Musketeers (Rob Thirtle, GR, Royden Simpson) on tour in Asia. Photo: Andrew Dawson
Spittoon (Photo: Sev Lewkowicz
From Live literature event 'Shorts'
The Other Side (co-produced with Scene Productions)
From Treasure Island (for Birmingham Stage Company)
In Tokyo 1992. Photo: Andrew Dawson
On tour 1987! Photo: Andrew Dawson